EN3000 - Energizer 3000W Power Inverter

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With the Energizer EN3000 3000-Watt Power Inverter, you get power on the go. It plugs into your cigarette lighter or connects directly to a car battery. The 12-Volt power inverter can power laptops, cell phone chargers, small electronic devices and more. With this item you can also charge USB devices directly from the USB charging port at the same time. It features a digital LCD display, and it has a built-in thermal fan that is quiet when operational. It comes complete with four standard AC outlets and four USB charging ports. The AC power inverter can also be used with the optional remote control.

Energizer EN3000 12-Volt 3,000-Watt Power Inverter:

  • LCD display
  • Ultra silent thermal fan
  • 4 standard AC outlets
  • 4 USB charging ports (2.1A shared)
  • This AC power inverter can be used to charges tablets
  • Compatible with optional remote
  • 3,000W continuous power
  • 6,000W max power


Volts: 12 V DC ,  120 V AC ,  5 V DC
Color: Multicolor
Vehicle Type: Energizer
Rated Load Capacity: 3 kW Continuous Power / 6 kW Peak Power
Condition: New
Size: 6.8x15.5x7.7
Manufacturer Part Number: EN3000