AMP-22100 24Bit 48 kHz Mini Size USB Interface

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Gain Controller , control the input level of MIC/LINE or INST channel, adjust to balance the volume.

Phantom Power Button/LED, when te button is turned on, the LED light is on, provide DC+48V phantom power to XLR plug on MIC/LINE input.

Power Cosumption                    2.5w 1mic/line+1 inst      ,            3w    2 mic/line

Power OutputCurrent                                                        1A

Power Output Voltage                                                    DC5V

Phantom Power Voltage                                              +48V DC

Output Channels                                            MONITOR OUT: L/R(RCA)   ,   

                                                                           PHONES: 6.35mm Jack 

Input Channels  MIC/LINE:  1 Combo Jack (XLR+6.35mm)   ,  2 Combo Jack (XLR+6.35mm)

Interface 2.0 USB Type-B

Audio Sampling Rate 24 Bit 48kHz for play and record

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